Ecolar Technology Limited, is a scientific innovation enterprise in Hong Kong, jointly incubated by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park,dedicating to protecting human health and the earth’s environment, and  adhering to the corporate values of integrity service, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation, to « let every ray of health light shine to every home on earth » for the enterprise vision.

Blesstar Products Line
Blesstar Products Line
Blesstar Life Cycle
Blesstar Life Cycle

BLESSTARTM material is a linear polyester produced by bacterial fermentation of natural sugars or lipids. They are produced by bacteria to store carbon and energy. More than 150 different monomers can be combined within this family, resulting in materials with different properties. These plastics are biodegradable and are also used to produce bioplastics.

Artaxerkes Sarl is proud to be partnering with Ecolar Technology Limited to commercialize BLESSTARTM, through our network. We mainly target Europe, Sri Lanka and USA. This innovation has a wide range of applications.

Some Applications with specific BLESSTARTM formulas

Home textiles:
  • Quilt fillings and covers, bed sheets, pillow-cases, curtains and draperies, furniture fillings and covers with excellent anti-bacterial and mite-resistant properties.
    Download technical Sheet : Spray, Bedding.
Medical textiles:                                 
  • Anti-bacterial wound dressing, surgical gowns, masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
    Download technical Sheet : Spray, Bedding.
Fashion textiles:
  • Odor-free and anti-bacterial intimate apparel, socks, shoes


2023 The 48th Geneva Inventions: Gold Medal (Safe and Eco-friendly Antimicrobial Materials with High Efficiency) 

2023 FITMI – Asia International Innovative Invention Award: Gold Award

2023 Hang Seng x PolyU Sustainable Future Challenge: Textile & Fashion – 1st  Runner Up 

2023 The 5th Hong Kong Innovation Day: 2nd Prize Award of Hong Kong

2020 Hong Kong Environmental Excellence Awards Excellence Award (New Bio-Based Antimicrobials and Textiles for Healthcare)

2018 R&D 100 Awards – Special Recognition Award (Green Tech) – Bronze Award

2016 Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards – Silver Award


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